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A new flagship offering a unique workplace experience

Located in Paris and headquartered in Chicago, Edelman is an award-winning company that focuses on marketing and global public relations. The American company is the largest public relations firm in the world by revenue. 

When working with a business of this scale, we needed first to have a firm grasp regarding the client’s specific requirements to reduce the surface of its Parisian office by nearly 50%, from 2000sqm to 1200sqm. 

The firm appointed us to translate the corporate culture and mix it with the local teams and clients.  

We completed the design and built a workplace, where teams can have a stimulating space to connect and innovate. 

Exclusive customer experience 

The new design embodies appealing areas to welcome Edelman’s high-end customers 

One of our favorite parts of working on the Edelman project was the specific character of the building’s architecture, and the inspiration it provided when redesigning the workspace. The architectural principles of this private residence located in the 8th district guided the design work to rethink the user experience. 

Short time-frame to design and deliver the space 

Time being of the essence for Edelman, we needed to work swiftly and intelligently without sacrificing quality. 

Ultimately, a stunning resurfacing design was delivered. As time was such a factor, a large chunk of the project focused on time, concentrating heavily on tangible goals.  

We were so pleased to complete this project meeting Edelman’s high standards. It was inspiring to work with a firm that prides itself on leading and acting with such certainty.  

Edelman cour
Edelman salon
Edelman salon
Edelman meeting room
Edelman corridor
Edelman lounge
Edelman entrance

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Marketing/Public Relations

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