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Smartdesign©, a world-class design concept

Smartdesign© is the workspace design concept we apply to all projects. Oriented to meeting the needs of each individual and facilitating social harmony, it keeps users front and center in every one of the project planning stages.


Like a signature, the workspaces we design for you will reflect your essence in every detail, even down to the shapes and materials used. In addition to complying with current and upcoming standards, every aspect of the design will be planned with a focus on ensuring user comfort by providing a positive sensory and emotional experience. The new design will also play a key role in:

Elegant - Smartdesign

Attracting and retaining talent

Enhancing the company’s image in the eyes of customers and partners

Making the workspace a welcoming haven in which users feel at ease

Stimulating expression and creativity


Our agile and adaptable workspace designs are focused on the people who will use them. With a line-of-sight layout, the spaces will make physical and digital communication more fluid, facilitating the management of creative and innovative projects with a view to:

Boosting your real-estate performance

Improving the flexibility and agility of your teams

Optimizing the flow of communication

Increasing productivity and unlocking your potential

Smart - Smartdesign

We’ve rounded out our Smartdesign© concept with a new project-execution approach: the Three Ds©

1. Define

2. Design

3. Deliver

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