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Offices that drive innovation, not isolation

Innovation, not isolation: this was the challenge we took up in this smart design project conducted for Edwards France. Its parent company, Edwards Lifesciences, is the global leader in heart valve technologies and an undisputed champion of scientific progress. Likewise, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated its own form of progress—namely in the workplace—by prioritizing remote work practices, sustainability and smart design.


Smart designing, responsive repurposing

With the budget and scope both met, Allure Smartdesign was selected to redesign a floorspace at Edwards France’s HQ, located in Guyancourt. True to our purpose, we developed a more modern and creative workspace, designed to last with a focus on the people who will use it.

Boosting productivity through functionality

Reflecting Edwards’ values, our office design is smart, complementary and seamlessly connects employees, as epitomized in the addition of more functional benches and connected furnishings. Our Plug & Play workstations break down silos, leveraging a hybrid workspace design that favors multiple working positions and greater comfort. Such connection and connectivity are further embraced in our use of open vegetation to deliver a fluid user experience, which in turn, fosters interaction, creativity and ultimately, productivity in the office.

Powering progress through lighting

Achieved by installing natural light fixtures and in-office artificial lighting, Edwards’ vision is emboldened by a white interior to facilitate circulation and breathe new life into the spaces. With its layout of retrofitted wooden panels propped by sleek double-glazed glass partitions, the office is a direct nod to a corporate culture that prides itself on transparency.

Allure Smartdesign – A unique design consulting expertise

The project is a successful showcase of our design consulting expertise which focuses on optimized space and natural connections, as most recently exhibited in our creations for London-based client, Raw Marketing.

The revamped floor areas combine healthy materials and green elements to form an open and sustainable interior where focus is elevated and innovation triumphs over isolation.

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